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Conserver (Inc. a FREE 250ml bottle of WASH & WAX)

GardX Conserver is designed to rejuvenate and maintain in peak condition the protection offered by the GardX system. GardX Conserver should be applied after washing and rinsing your vehicle, before it is dried. It should be diluted in water and applied to all of the paintwork with a clean soft sponge. Conserver is attracted to the surface of the paint and will bead and shed water. Your vehicle can then be finished by simply rinsing with clean water and leathering off until dry. We recommend that Conserver be applied monthly. Each bottle is enough for approximately 12 applications. 

Conserver is supplied with a FREE bottle of GardX Wash & Wax. 

GardX Conserver250 ml bottle£14.45
GardX Wash & Wax250 ml bottleF.O.C

Conserver is also available in a 5L container