How To Clean Your Alloy Wheels

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You have just bought your new car and you must admit, it looks mighty fine and the compliments that come with it are great too. But not too long after, it starts to pick up dirt, and those new-car compliments have seemingly disappeared.

Your new cars alloy wheels assist with that fresh out-of-the-box look and can often make the difference between a moderately clean car and one that looks like it has just been driven off a forecourt. But alloy wheels can dirty quickly, they are close to the road surface so when you splash through that puddle or go off the beaten path, it is your alloys that get the unwanted make over.

Of course you can clean them whilst cleaning the rest of your car with GardX Wash and Wax, but why not take it that one step further and remove the unwanted dirt and grime that standard cleaners simply cannot reach, with GardX Alloy Wheel Cleaner.

Simple and easy to use, our Alloy Wheel Cleaner removes stubborn dirt with its high-performance formula that rapidly dissolves traffic film, brake dust and grime without the need for excessive scrubbing. Our Alloy Wheel Cleaner comes ready to use and does not need diluting so you can grab your bottle and start cleaning.

Step One

Spray generously onto each alloy wheel.

Step Two

Leave for approximately two minutes.

Step Three

Agitate any leftover dirt with an alloy cleaning brush.

Step Four

Use a hose to pray off the excess dirt and rinse the alloy wheel thoroughly until clean.

And that is it. Just sit back and wait for those compliments to start pouring in again.

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