Summer is Almost Here – Is Your Car Ready?

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Are you planning a road trip this summer? Throwing your bags in the boot and getting on the road? Well if this sounds like you, then put on the brakes and make sure your car is ready! If we have a summer like last; it’s important to prep your car for the hot weather.

Tread Carefully

Did you know that driving at high speed on a hot surface puts a strain on your tyres if not inflated correctly? Whether you are travelling near or far, it is important to check your tyre pressures.

Equally, if you are fed up of the rain and travelling to soak up some sun, those wet roads can be treacherous on worn tyres. Make sure that your tyres are within the legal tread requirement (1.6mm) – low tread means less grip on slippery surfaces and that’s not the type of surfing you’re hoping for!

And finally, there’s nothing worse than waiting at the side of a busy road when you’ve punctured your tyre. Make sure you have GardX Tyre Guard on hand to get you to a safer place to stop.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

You’re an hour into your 3-hour journey and your air con suddenly stops working – oh no. Don’t lose your cool. Did you know that by running your car’s air con and heating throughout the year you’ll keep the parts primed and the seals lubricated therefore lessening the chances of a failure at that all-important time.

It is also important to keep your air con clean – eliminate any source of bacteria, viruses or stale odours by having GardX air conditioning cleaner professionally applied to your vehicle. Contact us to find your nearest application centre.

Pollen Police

Do you battle with hay fever in the summer months? If so, you know how distracting it can be when driving, you find yourself sneezing, sniffing and may have itchy eyes. But there are ways to lessen these symptoms when on a road trip; to improve the air quality in your vehicle make sure you have your pollen and cabin filters cleaned and changed regularly.

You can also use plastic car mats instead of material ones to reduce moisture retention which lowers allergens. Using all these methods you’ll be singing along to your road trip playlist sneeze-free in no time.

Keep Your Engine Cool

Not only do you want to keep yourself cool but your engine too, the hot weather means one thing – a hotter engine. This can lead to problems if left unchecked so make sure you check that your coolant is topped up to the correct level and at the right strength to avoid any overheating before setting off.

Check You Wiper Blades After a Busy Winter

After a busy winter battling rain, snow and ice it is important to check your wiper blades and ensure they are fully-functional. Did you know for safety and better visibility it is recommended that you replace your wiper blades at a minimum every 12 months’?

There you have it, complete this check list and you’re good to go and enjoy your summer road trip.