Summer Car Care

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The sun is out, and we have our summer driving playlist at the ready. We are all a fan of that summer road trip down to the beach or to see friends and family. There are a few steps to keeping yourself and those important passengers safe, but don’t worry, we have got you covered with our summer safety tips.

Keep an eye out for bird droppings

If you live in an area highly populated with birds you do not need reminding that bird droppings are corrosive to your car’s paintwork, so be careful to remove it promptly to avoid any damage. Especially if you are driving down to the coast… keep an eye out for those sea gulls that may not just be after your chips.

Check your fluids and your cars too!

It is not just something to do in the summer, but we all need a little reminder every now and then. It is especially important in those warmer months; you should keep an eye on your engine coolant as you do not want your car to overheat resulting in a costly break down!

Keep it cool with aircon

So, you are stuck in a traffic jam on a hot sunny day, and you go to turn on your aircon, but it just blows luke-warm air at you… next thing you know you are basically a melting ice lolly. Remember to check your aircon is working, especially with a heat wave on the horizon.

Check your tyres

Did you know that high temperatures can affect your tyre pressure? They can expand the air inside and make them more susceptible to blow outs and damage. This is why it is important to regularly check your tyres, especially before a long journey, and ensure they follow the tyre pressure guidelines in your car’s manual.

Suns out, sunnies out!

Not only do sunglasses look good, but they also protect you from potential hazards such as glare from the sun whilst driving. Now is the time to invest in a pair of new sunglasses and whilst you are at it, apply GlassGuard to your windscreen for extra protection from dirt and pollutants.

Hazardous hay fever

Now you have your sunglasses to protect you from the sun, they are also a handy barrier for hay fever, an unfortunate by-product of sunnier months. Hay fever can affect your driving from those itchy eyes to the constant sneezing, even some antihistamines can make you drowsy! If you cannot locate non-drowsy antihistamines, then try to consider if you really need to make the journey or if someone else could drive instead. If you are travelling by car, ensure your vents and windows are closed to keep that pesky pollen at bay.


Summer is the time for socialising, especially as we can now see loved ones again. This may mean busier social calendars, longer journeys and staying up later to squeeze in as many people as possible into the day. Tiredness is a major hazard when driving and it is important to factor rest into your plans and ensure you do not drive whilst tired. Stay hydrated and if you feel tired, pull over in a safe place to rest.

So pack your bags, check the car and enjoy the summer sunshine safely with GardX.