Why you should protect your alloy wheels with WheelGard

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You’ve bought that new car you have been eyeing up for a while now, it is your new pride and joy, all pristine with its showroom shine. But on the way home you nip into a kerb and scratch one appears. A few weeks later you are driving home from the shops and bounce through a pothole, scratch two appears. Your car is no longer fresh, and you wish you had just invested in those alloy protectors… what did the Dealer call them? Oh yes… WheelGard.

Here at GardX we understand the unexpected and unavoidable damage of everyday motoring and we are here to minimise the risk. GardX WheelGard is an ultra-durable product that attaches to your vehicle’s alloy wheels, protecting them from kerb damage.


The modern-day car comes in all different sizes, and naturally so do their alloys and wheels. That is why we offer a range of colours and sizes to suit a number of different vehicles. From a subtle black or silver to a statement red or blue, we have you covered.


We believe quality is key so that is why each WheelGard is engineered from specially toughened polymers and advanced adhesives that are manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards. Afterall, you need top quality to protect top quality! WheelGard is built to last and even comes with a 1-year guarantee.


Due to the WheelGards needing to be professionally applied, WheelGard is not available to purchase separately and can only be purchased when buying a new or used vehicle. We train GardX approved dealerships to apply the WheelGards to your vehicle before the day of collection, meaning you can drive off the forecourt on day of collection with peace of mind that your alloys are protected from that pesky kerb.


The initial cost of WheelGard heavily outweighs the cost of money spent on refurbishments, chips, scratches and dents throughout your ownership of the vehicle and means you could receive a better price when selling your vehicle.

So, protect your vehicle’s alloy wheels with GardX WheelGard today. Get in touch with the team to find your nearest GardX approved dealership via product@gardx.co.uk or by calling 01243 376426